Is that you in one of our photos?

Yes, and I love it!
Yes - but I want out!

It's a tricky thing, this taking photos of streets and stuff... While street photography has a large following in Perth, with quite a few very talented photographers - both professional and amateur - there are rules on how any photo of you can be used. Essentially, a photographer would usually ask you to sign an authority for them to use your photo on their site. As you can imagine though, this ain't so easy when it comes to photos of crowds and gatherings and people who happen to be on the street when we take a photo.




If there's a photo shown on this site, and you're in it - then feel free to let us know whether you love it or hate it. If you love it - thanks! If you hate it - well, let us know and we'll look to either adjust the photo so you're not identifiable or we'll simply delete the photo.